• Cinq contre un

    Il y a quelques heures est sortie une vidéo dans laquelle un jeune homme afro-américain nommé Tyre Nichols n’est pas simplement arrêté… mais est torturé dans la rue par cinq flics eux aussi afro-américains (sous les yeux imperturbables de quelques pompiers), avec tasers, bâtons, matraques et lacrymo au poivre.

  • Comédie tragique

    C’est une conseillère du Prince envoyée de l’autre côté de la frontière, qui déclare aujourd’hui être très « choquée ». Grâce à ses affables services, elle ne pensait mériter que prébendes, honneurs, interviews, applaudissements.

  • One hundred years and loneliness

    There are two historical events that happened a month apart from each other, which in my mind remain closely linked. One (very well-known) evokes for me the other (unknown to most). This is why the clamor aroused by the centenary of the event that marked the rise of fascism to power, the march on Rome of October 28, 1922, could only bring to my mind the disappearance of the anarchist Renzo Novatore, outlaw and poet, killed by the carabinieri during a firefight on November 29 of the same year near Genoa.

  • Tsunami

    The tsunami is a strange phenomenon. It is perhaps the most predictable in the world. An earthquake moves thousands of tons of water. A wall of energy slowly moves toward the coast. The sea level drops by several meters. It would be so easy to notice and take refuge in the mountains, in the shelter, to understand how to resist the impact of the wave. Yet the disappearing water attracts the curious. Everyone has her own profit to seek in the sands of the bottom. Everyone has a pearl that dazzles him. Until the water arrives and sweeps everything away.